Why Surfing Croyde Bay recommend Nookie

We recently reached out to a couple of our Coasteering providers regarding their personal preference for which Coasteering equipment and accessories they choose to use. This testimonial from Surfing Croyde Bay was too good not to share;

 Surfing Croyde Bay has been providing Coasteering in Croyde Bay for just over 12 years. We feel compelled to share why we are so impressed by Nookie’s buoyancy aids and our experience using them for all of our Coasteering experiences. The key features we feel are worth mentioning may seem trivial to most. However, when taking thousands of customers a year Coasteering, we think this attention to detail has made NKE a standout amongst their competitors and why we are so happy to be using their products.

Jake Sayer, Head of Coasteering said,

“Nookie’s buoyancy aids are very professional looking, which beyond looking the part contributes to the customer’s faith in the product being fit for purpose. In addition, they feel as good as they look, with high-quality material that is both very durable and comfortable to wear. Feeling safe is something we are often told is very important when preparing for a first-ever Coasteering adventure.”

“The PFDs have proven exceptionally long-lasting. We still have some that have been used for ten seasons. There has been very little loss in buoyancy and superficial wear and tear, such as sun damage. The durability is quite remarkable considering they are used daily throughout the summer months for Coasteering Croyde at Baggy Point. The route requires regular climbing in and out of the water, with the PFD being the most exposed kit closest to the rock face. The PFD is bumped and rubbed against the rough surfaces daily yet shows very little sign of wear. This use does speak volumes for the quality of both the material and the manufacturing process. “

jake head of coasteering

“They have an ergonomic fit that allows for easy swimming and climbing, with an overall vest-like shape with well-placed straps that don’t seem to get in the way, a compression strap around the chest area, and a thinner band that clips up at the hips. This strap is essential for Coasteering as it stops the PFD from floating up around the client’s neck when swimming, which can be annoying and distressing.”

“The PFD we use from Nookie comes in an easily recognisable red colour with different coloured straps that subtly mark the other sizes, making sizing up clients very straightforward.”

“Another key feature we like about Nookie PDF’s is the big buckles which are accessible for members of the public to use, especially with cold hands. They have proven to be very strong and hard-wearing, with only one that we can think of ever breaking from someone standing on it. The outer nylon material that fastens the buckle has never ripped or frayed from scraping against rocks which again is very impressive, and there is no excessive elastic material around the sides.”

“The PDF’s come with a zip designed to allow the wearer to put them on like a coat and fasten them from the front, which eliminates the need to pull the buoyancy aid over their head. Easy fitting and simple to use buckles make the whole experience very user-friendly, plus in the event of an accident, very straightforward for both adjustments and removal.”

“The velcro pocket for the foam makes the lining easily washable and the foam easily repairable/replaceable if needed. It also has nice-length shoulder straps, so the buoyancy aids can be worn low so they aren’t around the client’s neck or getting in the way. It is simply not worth it to have a PFD that lacks these three critical adjustments or has a weird interface that is difficult to operate.”

“Around the PFD are a few plastic hoops that a coasteering centre may use for tethering or hanging the PFD when not in use. They fit nicely on a hanger and are easy to stack or keep on shelves. The sizes are Junior, S/M, L/XL, and XXL and can all be sized down if necessary, but also generous for more prominent clients, so you can get a versatile fit that does not look like it has been sized down outside of its natural fit.”

“Another great addition from Nookie is that you can have your logo printed on the back (or front) of the PFD by them.”

“Simply put, our recommendation for Nookie PFDs is that they are stylish, comfortable, reasonably priced, and highly durable beyond anything else on the market.”

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