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Vertical Descents
Vertical Descents
12 and above
From £45 per person
2 Hour duration
Lizard Adventure
Lizard Adventure
8 and above
From £55 per person
3 Hour duration
Kernow Coasteering
Kernow Coasteering
9 and above
From £45 per person
3 Hour duration

Guide To Coasteering The Lizard

Explore The Lizard Peninsula Coasteering. Discover The Best Locations & Providers In West Cornwall
Complete Guide To Coasteering

The coastline of the far west of Cornwall is legendary for its beauty, high sea-cliffs, crystal-clear waters and breathtaking beaches. You can relax on golden sands, or explore the coast path, but one activity offers you the chance to see this special corner of Britain from a whole new angle. Would you like to get up close with incredible cliff formations, discover hidden coves, see seals and dolphins and push yourself to meet new challenges?

Invented by surfers in Pembrokeshire in the 1980s, coasteering is a unique way to get out into the natural world. It tests you mentally and physically, takes you out of your comfort zone, and gets you close to nature. Combining scrambling, swimming, cliff-jumping and climbing, you can ride the swells and encounter amazing sea and birdlife. If you love outdoor sports and the natural world, then coasteering is something that you have to try.

With over 400 miles of stunning and varied coastline, Cornwall offers a wealth of opportunities for coasteering whatever your fitness and confidence levels. The far west is wild Cornwall, where the land and sea are untamed, and the nature is still unspoilt. This is a unique environment and coasteering offers you the chance to see things that are otherwise inaccessible.


Is coasteering The Lizard dangerous?

The sea can be dangerous and unpredictable, and coasteering gives you a range of challenges. That’s why coasteering should only be undertaken with experienced guides who understand the terrain and the tides. Accredited operators will not only know how to keep you safe, but they’ll also know where to take you to ensure that your experience is completely unforgettable. You’ll discover remote caves, awe-inspiring stacks and get up close with amazing wildlife.

Do I need to be super fit?

No! Coasteering is an inclusive activity with no upper age limit. As long as you’re over 8 years old, reasonably fit and can doggy-paddle, you can go coasteering. It’s not unusual for coasteering parties to include three generations of a family, with everyone lending everyone else a hand. You don’t have to be the world’s strongest swimmer to get involved. You’ll be provided with a wetsuit, a buoyancy aid and a helmet. You’ll not have to do anything that puts you at risk, or that you’re not completely comfortable with. Coasteering really is for everyone!


Coasteering The Lizard around Cornwall’s far west

The Lizard, and the Penwith peninsula which includes Penzance, St.Ives and Land’s End, offers everything from high thrills, adrenaline-soaked adventures, to gentler family days out among beautiful scenery. Stunning beaches, high-sea cliffs and crystal-clear waters are waiting to be explored.


The beautiful cove at Porthcurno is as photogenic as beaches get in the UK. Here there’s a range of coasteering routes to follow, all in the shadow of the incredible clifftop Minack Theatre. Basking sharks are not uncommon in these waters, and seals and dolphin also pass by.

Coasteering The Lizard Around Rinsey Cove

The amazing stretch of coast at Rinsey Cove is full of fantastic coasteering features. The cliffs themselves are varied, rich in minerals and great to explore. The marine life here is particularly rich, making a Rinsey Cove coasteering adventure truly memorable.

Coasteering The Lizard Around Mullion Cove

On the wild, unspoilt and windswept Lizard you’ll find the pretty Cornish fishing village of Mullion. It’s a great place from which to begin a coasteering adventure. Whether you’re jumping off high rocks, scrambling along the base of cliffs, or swimming through narrow passages, this is some of the finest coasteering terrain that the UK has to offer.


Land’s End

Each zawn, gully and cove of the cliffs around Land’s End brings its own challenge, and this is not a landscape for the fainthearted. Coasteering at Land’s End is the ultimate challenge. The high vertical cliffs have been shaped by the waves over thousands of years to create magical coves, deep-sea caves and rocky promontories.

Coasteering The Lizard and the far West of Cornwall

With so much great terrain to explore, there’s a number of experienced and highly rated coasteering providers operating in the area.

Vertical Descents Cornwall

Based in Newquay, Vertical Descents Cornwall offers coasteering adventures across The Lizard, Penzance, St Ives and Land’s End. With eco-coasteering options, they’re passionate about protecting the natural environment of their beloved Cornwall. Get up close and personal with the flora and fauna of this stunning region.

Lizard Adventure

With over 30 years of experience, Lizard Adventure  has assembled a strong team of passionate, well-qualified instructors. They lead groups on coasteering adventures across the Lizard, choosing the best site for each particular group. Their deep local knowledge is on hand to ensure you and your party get the most out of your day.

Kernow Coasteering

Located in the far west of Cornwall, near Land’s End, Kernow Coasteering is only a short drive from some incredible coastal locations. Climb, scramble, leap and swim your way around the wild west of Cornwall, and experience places that are accessible no other way. The experienced team at Kernow Coasteering are passionate about this part of the world and are keen to share it with as many people are possible.

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