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Adventure Sports Northwest
Adventure Sports Northwest
13 and above
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Coasteering NI
Coasteering NI
8 and above
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2.5 Hour duration

Guide To Coasteering In Northern Ireland

Explore The Northern Irish Coastline Coasteering. Discover The Best Locations & Providers In Ballintoy, Dunsevrick, Portrush & More.
Complete Guide To Coasteering

Coasteering Northern Ireland, Ballintoy, Dunsevrick, Portrush

What is coasteering?

Pioneered in 1986, coasteering is a relatively modern form of adrenaline-filled activity that combines the best of both mountaineering and orienteering. It can be as high or low stakes as you like, with a range of things to do; from sea swimming to cliff diving, to cave exploration and rock climbing, coasteering is a limitless sport to dig in to. Coasteering basically allows you to explore land and sea in equal measure – truly the best of both worlds.

Coasteering is a great sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and experience level. Because of this, it’s ideal for many occasions, including stag and hen dos, family holidays, school and youth group trips, or even just a day out alone. It varies from provider to provider, but the general rule of thumb is that ages eight and upwards can seek out the thrills of coasteering.


What are the best locations when coasteering Northern Ireland in Ballintoy, Dunseverick, and Portrush?

Ballintoy Harbour

Ballintoy Harbour is one of Northern Irelands most stunning raised beaches, situated in the midst of the quaint village of Ballintoy. If Ballintoy Harbour sounds familiar to you, it might be because the location was used as a set for the second season of HBO’s Game of Thrones! But it also makes a great coasteering location thanks to its peaceful waters and rugged cliff line.

The surrounding coast is equally beautiful, with greenery and wildlife both in abundance. Ballintoy Harbour is also easily accessible by neighbouring towns, villages, and other destinations, such as Larrybane quarry and Sheep Island.

Ballintoy cliffs

If the sea swimming aspect of coasteering isn’t up your street, then there’s no doubt that rock climbing and cliff diving will be. The Ballintoy cliffs offer some impressive height, making them the perfect choice of cliff to dive right off! The cliffs are a popular spot to stop at on the routes of many coasteering providers, so you can expect to take in the stunning views at some point during your day…before plummeting into the sea below!

Causeway Coast

The Causeway Coast is a great scenic drive that offers multiple lookout vantages. Because of this, it’s also an ideal route for coasteering – an advantage that many providers utilise to the full! If you’re looking to go coasteering in Ballintoy, Dunseverick, or Portrush, you can be sure that the Causeway Coast is a contender for a stop on your route at some point during the day.

Who are the best providers when coasteering Northern Ireland across Ballintoy, Dunseverick, and Portrush?

When it comes to the best professional coasteering providers across Ballintoy, Dunseverick, and Portrush, there are really two main options. Both are incredibly friendly and expertly trained, and both have years of operating under their belts. You can read on below to find out more about the two coasteering providers taking Northern Ireland by storm.

You need not worry about being pushed out of your comfort zone – though coasteering is a sport that is designed to do just that by nature, your instructors are all specially trained and will never force you to do something that you do not want to do. Of course, it’s always recommended that you try it out!

Coasteering NI is one of the largest coasteering providers in the whole of Northern island. The Ballintoy location is one of their most popular tourist destinations, meaning that there is an excellent quality team just waiting to take you out for an exciting day on the coast.

When booking with Coasteering NI, it works out cheaper per person the more people go. So, this is a great company to go with if you’re booking in large groups! The average Coasteering NI trip lasts 2.5 hours, with two available times to be booked.

Remember earlier there was the mention of the Causeway Coast? Causeway Coasteering is a provider dedicated to offering coasteering packages all set against the backdrop of the long, winding causeway. One of the unique packages offered by Causeway Coasteering is its new Causeway Safari, which is a privately-booked day of fun that promises to escape the bustle of the tourist trail for hours of bespoke coasteering adventure.

Causeway Coasteering offers a great range of packages for customers to choose from, so be sure to browse their website to find the deal that best suits you.

Why choose Ballintoy, Dunseverick, or Portrush?

All of these places boast incredible scenic beauty – and featuring in the worldwide phenomenon Game of Thrones has only solidified their status as out-of-this-world landscapes! So whether you’re a local looking to try out something new, or a tourist wanting to pack as much fun as possible into a single day, these locations really are the perfect backdrop for something as thrilling as coasteering.

Of course, as an outdoor sport, there is an element of risk that the weather will not be permitting. If that is the case and a certain activity can no longer go ahead, your provider will likely have a back-up plan in place so you can still make the most of your day.

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