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Coasteering Wales is a fun and exhilarating way to discover Britain’s amazing coastline at sea level rather than from above. If you’re looking for a way to experience the coast away from the footpaths and with an adventure-focused twist, this sport is for you.

And when it comes to specific regions, Wales is one of the best places in Britain to get active by the sea. Bordered by bodies of water such as the Bristol Channel and the Irish Sea, coasteerers can experience waves and winds that are ultimately Atlantic in origin – making it perfect for an exciting and dramatic day out.

This article will explore some of the best places to go when coasteering Wales – and look at some of the top providers you can choose from, too.

Coasteering Wales - Pembrokeshire and St Davids

Those who are visiting the city of St Davids and the wider region of Pembrokeshire will never be far away from a coasteering activity or two to enjoy. The area was formally a mining region, which means there are plenty of cliff faces and other rocky environments which were formerly quarries. Now, they’re locations for scrambling, abseiling, rock climbing, diving and much more.

One popular option for those who want to climb right by the water is the Sea Mist climbing patch at Saddle Head. In many ways, this area offers the best of both worlds: while it is relatively simple to climb, there are one or two areas which will test your skills and give you that all-important adrenaline rush.

When it comes to companies able to provide experiences like these, Celtic Quest Coasteering is a wise choice. A 2020 winner of a Travelers’ Choice prize from TripAdvisor, this firm is based at Abereiddy beach, just five or six miles from St. Davids. This is, in turn, close to top coasteering spots like The Blue Lagoon, which is world-renowned for its cliff jumping offer. In fact, the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series came to this spot just a few years ago! It’s possible to book your coasteering experience with this firm online too, meaning that your convenience comes front and centre.

The company describes the area around the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park as “a natural water park” and it’s easy to see why. Water features such as the so-called “Tumble Dryer” provide opportunities for adventurous whirlpool-style swimming and diving. But it’s the flexibility offered by this firm that is the main appeal. The route taken by this provider involves cliff jumps of various sizes, for example – so whether you prefer a zero foot or a 40-foot drop, they’ll be able to accommodate you. As a result, groups of various abilities and preferences can go on a coasteering trip together.

Coasteering Wales - The Gower

The Gower is a peninsula which juts out from the mainland into the Bristol Channel, meaning that there is a range of options for the discerning coasteerer. Destinations such as Llangennith’s famous sandy beach have always been known for in-water activities like surfing. But now even the local tourist board is encouraging some coasteering – not least because of the imposing cliffs on offer.

One top provider of coasteering services in Gower is Rip N Rock, which provides lots of standard coasteering activities such as “canyoning”, which in this part of the world means activities like jumping and swimming along the waterfalls of the beautiful River Mellte. Those who enjoy “gorge walking”, meanwhile, will look forward to trying out the “Loonies’ Leap” in Glyneath.

Coasteering Wales - Anglesey

As an island located off the coast of Wales, it makes sense that coasteering Anglesey is really popular. It’s possible to coasteer off much of the island’s perimeter, but – as is the case with the above on-land destinations – there are also some parts of the area which are particularly good to explore.

One part of the Anglesey coastline that is perfect for coasteering is Holy Island. This is technically a small, separate island, but it’s easily accessed from the west of Anglesey. This island is home to Wales’ biggest coastal cave, meaning there’s a lot of exploring to do.

Given that there are so many top coasteering experiences to be had on the island, it makes sense that there are also lots of providers willing to facilitate your coasteering trip to Anglesey. The firm Anglesey Adventures is one of the main providers of coasteering experiences. The island’s unique coastline is perfect for adrenaline-rush activities such as cliff jumping, while deep-sea experiences like diving are also on offer.

And for those who want to take their adrenalin rush even further, Anglesey Adventures also provides an abseiling experience – although this is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Participants here can abseil off the edge of a cliff before moving on to a small rigid inflatable boat to head to the next point on the adventure. On a practical note, the firm provides a range of other benefits including small group experiences and waterproof photography. Customers must be eight years old or older, so it will be possible for some families to participate in the experience.

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