What to wear when you go coasteering

When you go coasteering, you’ll need some essential equipment. Don’t worry; there’s no need to invest in all the kit, your coasteering centre will provide all of the necessary equipment you will need.

A Warm Wetsuit

A warm wetsuit is absolutely essential for Coasteering in the UK. In the summer and during autumn this could be a 3/2 or a 4/3 wetsuit. During these months the sea temperature is at it’s warmest. In the winter and spring, you will need a 5/4 wetsuit and maybe wetsuit boots, gloves and a hood too. Keeping warm during your coasteer is essential to the enjoyment of the experience and any centre you coasteer with should have the appropriate wetsuit for the time of year. Check our full wetsuit thickness and temperature guide for an idea of which wetsuit you will need for the time of year your’e going Coasteering.

Well Fitting Buoyancy Aid

A good quality, modern and well-maintained buoyancy aid is provided as part of your coasteering kit. A non-negotiable item, your buoyancy aid is your lifeline in the unlikely event that something does go wrong. You will most probably get an over the head, buoyancy aid vest. These aids are easy to put on and have several size adjustment straps to make sure the safety device fits well.

A Coasteering Specific Helmet

You will also be kitted out with a coasteering helmet. The coasteering helmet will have a solid shell and full internal foam padding within which sits the cradle for a snug fit. Venturing over often slippery and slimy terrain, as well as jumping into the open ocean in the vicinity of rocks, means that protecting your head is also an essential safety measure.

Trainers For Your Feet

Most coasteering centres don’t provide trainers. You’ll need to bring a pair of trainers you don’t mind getting wet. Wetsuit boots and soft beach shoes don’t offer enough protection for the underneath of your foot on the rocks whilst coasteering. You will definitely need to bring a pair of trainers so that your feet are comfortable during your coasteering experience.

Shorts Over Your Wetsuit

Shorts over your wetsuit are a great idea. Especially if you are wearing your own wetsuit, the rocks are abrasive, and you won’t want to damage the neoprene on your wetsuit when you are sliding over the rocks.

So long as you have a warm wetsuit, suitable for the sea temperature. A well fitting helmet and buoyancy aid, and some good trainers on your feet, you’ll have a great time coasteering. Make sure you ask your coasteering activity centre provider before you go, that they have enough modern wetsuits, helmets and buoyancy aids. Make sure that the wetsuits, helmets and buoyancy aids are in a variety of sizes and there are well-stocked levels so that you and your party have a fantastic time jumping, wild swimming and scrambling on your coasteer.

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