The Top 5 Coasteering Locations In The UK

There are few adventure sports that are quite as exciting or adrenaline-fuelled than coasteering. Whether you are looking for dramatic cliffs and deep pools, or gentle slopes and family-friendly jumps – you can find a range of coasteering sites to choose from.

There are lots of incredible sites around the UK that have become well-known coasteering locations, with lots of activity providers springing up to serve the areas. Here, we’ve pulled together our top five recommendations of the very best coasteering sites to visit, whether you’re trying the sport for the first time or you’re an experienced jumper. There’s such a breadth of beautiful spots along the British coastline that you’re sure to find somewhere new and stunning to visit.

Elegug sea stacks in Pembrokeshire

Number five: Pembrokeshire

Coasteering is thought to have originated over 100 years ago, when daring explorers traverse rocky cliffs, taking thrilling plunges into the water below. Some of the earliest commercial coasteering companies were established in Wales, with a history dating back into the last century. The stunning scenery and copious amounts of wildlife make this a family favourite. Seals regularly appear on the beaches between August and December, and it’s not unheard of to see schools of dolphins dancing through the water just off the shoreline. There are many reputable companies in the area who can help you plan a fantastic day, often combining coasteering with other water sports or beach-based activities. Abereiddy Bay and St Noni Bay are two of the most popular spots in the area, with rocky outcrops that make for a stunning climb, and breath-taking plunge into the crystal clear waters below.

horwick coasteering location

Number four: Howick

If you’re heading to the North of England, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Howick. Just like Pembrokeshire, it’s packed with incredible wildlife like seals and passing porpoises. It also has some fascinating geological features, with the brilliantly named The Toilet, The Flush, and Beer Belly Bulge all offer challenging areas to traverse. The area has a fascinating history too, the rugged coastline has seen many marine tragedies, with ill-fated 19th Century ships being dashed across the rocks, and even a second world war submarine! Stay for the day and enjoy everything this lovely location has to offer, alongside some of the country’s most thrilling coasteering opportunities.

swanage coasteering location

Number three: Swanage

Coming in at number three – the Swanage coastline. The stunning scenery of the Jurassic Coast, as well as the mild climate and amazing beaches, make Coasteering in Swanage one of the most popular coasteering areas in the country. Check out the incredible Dancing Ledge, a hugely popular site for all kinds of watersports, and just a couple of kilometres away from Swanage. Stand at the top and look down at the ledge, and you’ll see where the name comes from. Because there is no shoreline, the ledge is straight in front of a deep drop. This means that when the tide starts to rise over the ledge, you can see the surface of the water gently undulating, giving the ledge the appearance of ‘dancing’.

seaton cliffs arbroath

Number two: Arbroath

Arbroath is the most popular coasteering location in Scotland, and is, in fact, a very strong contender for the top spot in the whole of the UK. The stunning scenery near this small Scottish fishing village means that this quiet East Coast resort has become a hugely popular tourist sport, for all kinds of adventure seekers. As well as being one of the sunniest areas in Scotland, the rugged coastline is peppered with massive boulders and challenging climbs, which make this a brilliant place to scramble, climb and plunge into the bracing Scottish waters. It’s a tough site and definitely not one for beginners, but if you have gained some coasteering experience elsewhere and you’re looking for the next big challenge, Arbroath should definitely be on your wish list of locations to visit!

newquay coastline for coasteering

Number one: Newquay

Beating some tough competition our top rated location to coasteer in the UK has got to be coasteering in Newquay. The sheer diversity of the possible coasteering sites, all within easy reach of each other makes this a perfect choice for families or adult groups. The north coast offers some challenging climbs and scrambles, with the rugged terrain in the Newquay area making the perfect spot to enjoy a bit of coasteering, and of course try some of the other famous Newquay pastimes including surfing. Advanced adventure seekers might like to explore the sea-forged crevices and caves of Porth Island, and even climb right into the face of the giant blowholes.

Of course, there are also plenty of more gentle options for a family-friendly day of coasteering, with the exciting addition of lots of smugglers coves and rockpools along the way to keep all of the family entertained. No matter how many times you come to Newquay, the changing tides and landscape mean that you’re sure to find it a novel and exhilarating coasteering experience each and every time you visit!