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The Pembrokeshire coastline is one of the most beautiful in the British Isles. Relatively undeveloped and much of it protected by a National Park, it’s an unspoilt playground for anyone who loves the great outdoors.

It’s also the home of coasteering, the ultimate coastal adventure sport. Invented by surfers from this corner of west Wales in the 1980s, coasteering allows you to climb, run, cliff-jump, discover hidden coves and explore spectacular sea caves as you scramble and swim your way around the coastline. There’s nothing that gets you as up close with the coastline as coasteering.

Coasteering is now a global phenomenon, but it began in Pembrokeshire, and it’s not difficult to understand why. The coastline here demands to be explored. If you really want to get to know the coastline of this special part of the world, there’s no better way to do it than by taking a Pembrokeshire coasteering adventure.

Is it dangerous?

It’s sometimes presumed that coasteering is a particularly dangerous pursuit. While it does present you with a range of physical and mental challenges, it’s not especially dangerous. It’s not an activity you do on your own, and you should always go on coasteering adventures as part of a group led by an experienced guide. Not only will they understand the terrain and the tides, but they’ll also know where to go to ensure you have the very best experience.

Who can do it?

Anyone over the age of 8 who is reasonably fit can take part. You don’t even need to be the strongest swimmer. As long as you can doggy-paddle and are confident in the water, you can take part in coasteering. You’ll be provided with a wetsuit, helmet and buoyancy aid. Pembrokeshire coasteering groups can include people of all ages, from 8 to 80, with routes chosen to suit the capabilities of everyone taking part. Pembrokeshire offers easier and more challenging routes, so anyone can have a go.

Elegug sea stacks in Pembrokeshire

Coasteering in Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire really is a perfect place to try coasteering, whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned hand. There are 186 miles of coastline to explore from St Dogmaels in the north to Amroth in the south. There’s steep limestone cliffs, stunning red sandstone bays, volcanic headlands, ancient glacial valleys and beautiful estuaries. Seals, whales and dolphins swim these shores. There’s an abundance of birdlife, some of it rare, and beautiful fauna to discover. One minute you’ll be diving into crystal clear pools, the next you’ll be scrambling over rocks to reach yet another stunning cove.

There are some brilliant spots from which to start your coasteering adventure in Pembrokeshire, and experienced providers who can ensure you have an experience to remember.

Stackpole Quay

Stackpole is a picturesque small harbour on the Pembrokeshire coast. It was built to serve the local limestone quarries but is now a great spot for all kinds of water-sports. Managed by the National Trust, it’s an unspoilt, idyllic spot that’s great to explore. There are some great coasteering routes accessible from here, from gentler beginner’s routes suitable for nature-friendly eco-coasteering, to more challenging, adrenaline-fuelled routes that will really test your mettle.

Barafundle Bay

The idyllic Barafundle Bay is one of the best-loved beaches in Wales. East facing, and in a stunning rural and tranquil location, Barafundle Bay is a magical place. Managed by the National Trust, it’s a popular spot for a variety of outdoor activities and totally unspoilt. It’s a great location from which to begin your coasteering adventure, whatever your experience and fitness levels.

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Try coasteering in Pembrokeshire

As the place where coasteering was invented, it’s not surprising that Pembrokeshire is home to a number of experienced coasteering providers.


Based in St Davids, the smallest city in the UK, Tyf is an adventure sports specialist which puts sustainability at the heart of everything they do. They lead trips that are flat out and breathless, as well as gentler paced explorations, sometimes using some of those pioneering routes that kickstarted the hobby.

The Big Blue Experience

Based in breezy Newgale on the Pembrokeshire coast, The Big Blue Experience is an outdoor activities provider which was founded in 2001. They offer coasteering activities for all ages and abilities and make use of a safety boat to help all participants feel secure. With the boat, they’re also able to take adventurers to parts of the coast that are normally inaccessible.


Celtic Quest Coasteering

Based at Abereiddy, Celtic Quest Coasteering are passionate coasteering specialists. They lead groups of all ages around the coast and are committed to including everyone. For a coasteering experience to remember, Celtic Quest Coasteering is a great choice.

Outer Reef Surf School

Based in Pembroke, and centrally located for a wide stretch of the Pembrokeshire coast, Outer Reef Surf School is the official activity provider for the National Trust. The experienced team members are passionate about what they do and know the coastline like the back of their hands. They lead expeditions from Stackpole Quay and Barafundle, as well as other places on the coast. Whatever your ability level, they can help you experience the unique thrills that only coasteering can offer.